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Obon holiday

It’s Obon in Japan now and we enjoyed a long 4-day weekend. Obon is similar to Qingming, where people visit the graves of their ancestors to pay their respects (called 御墓参りohakamairi). Many companies usually have a stretch of consecutive days off because many people need to…

16 August 2016
Everyday Adventures

A summer day out

Hiiii! It’s been a while *darts eyes* but we’re all well and happy here! In fact, too well which is why I haven’t been writing, heh. But come now. Let’s not dwell on the past and enjoy the present! <– I tell myself that…

10 August 2016
Everyday Adventures

The cripple, the king, and the maid

Fu plays soccer with his coworkers every week and in this week’s match, he displayed brilliant play and scored a sliding goal! It was, in fact, so brilliant that his knee celebrated with a fantastic crack! Even though he was startled at how enthusiastic his…

7 July 2016
Everyday Adventures

Closing out the first half of 2016

Half the year is gone! How has 2016 been to you so far? For me, days are happy and fulfilling and I’m constantly doing and learning new things. I feel alive! :D And a mid-point check at my 2016 goals also indicate I’m well…

30 June 2016
Everyday Adventures

May in Snapshots

Gosh, how are we on the last day of May?! It really flew by too quickly! There goes my favorite month, with an upcoming month of rain :/ Well, at least there will be hydrangeas in full bloom in June! Here’s May in photos! May’s weather…

31 May 2016
Life in Japan

Salaries in Japan

The other day when I was out with my Japanese friends, we touched on the topic of salaries in Japan. One of my friends works as a realtor, and in Japan, many Japanese rent because they may not be from the area (e.g. originally from…

3 May 2016
Life in Japan

Golden Week in Japan

Today marks the start of Golden Week in Japan! What is Golden Week? It’s a rare period of consecutive, extended holidays at the end of April and early May where several days of public holidays are clustered together. Take a look at this year’s calendar…

29 April 2016