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April Updates

In Japan, spring marks the start of new beginnings. The first day of work for fresh graduates, the first day of the new school term, the first blooms after the winter… they all begin in April. I wasn’t particularly thinking “Ok, let me do something…

10 April 2016
Everyday Adventures

Our New Dog

We had a new dog come home with us today. Unlike Milk Tea, she is calm and quiet. She follows me with her eyes rather than her feet. She does not scramble madly around my feet as I walk, and does not run around frantically while…

3 March 2016
Everyday Adventures

Learning to Walk

Some people may be surprised to read this, but not all dogs naturally love walks. Or the outdoors. Yes, I have an otaku dog. Milk Tea’s fear of the outside was so bad that she used to start trembling the moment I brought her near the…

12 February 2016
Life in Japan

Celebrating 節分 Setsubun

What is 節分 Setsubun? It literally translates to “season division” but usually refer to the change of season to spring. Setsubun is the day before 立春 Risshun, the first day of spring. This year, it falls on February 3 (yesterday), so yay! Spring is officially here!!! Can’t…

4 February 2016
Everyday Adventures

Of ice, books, and germs

It’s rare that I get up before 11am on a regular day – I assure you, I’m legit nocturnal – but I got up at 9 so that I could drive Fu to the station and more excitingly, check out the city’s libraries! After the…

21 January 2016
Everyday Adventures

Snapshot of 5 Jan 2015

When I look through my blog, a good part of them (maybe 80%?) are about my travels. But the truth is, despite what it seems, I am not on the roads all the time. I probably spend only 20% of my time traveling. So, I thought I’ll…

5 January 2016