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Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

Our recent overseas visitors requested a visit to a theme restaurant and we decided on Ninja Akasaka, a ninja-themed restaurant located in Akasaka, Tokyo. Unlike all the other theme restaurants I visited previously, Ninja Akasaka was a fine dining establishment, and this is reflected in both…

9 July 2015
Food Outdoor / Nature

Day Trip to Izu Peninsula 伊豆半島

Fu’s colleague was visiting from USA and since it was her last weekend, we asked her if she’d like to drive somewhere. We suggested flowers (it’s hydrangea season now!) or beach and she was more keen on the latter, so we headed there. June is…

2 July 2015

What to Eat in Gunma: Okkirikomi

Whenever I visit a prefecture, I always make it a point to taste their local specialities. I want to try all the delicious food all around Japan, in the place where it originated from because somehow it feels more special! Take for example, sushi. Sushi is…

27 June 2015

J.S. Pancake Cafe

On our neighbourhood exploration of Jiyugaoka, we randomly came across this cafe and the menu and cafe was so good looking it convinced us to stop there for tea. For those who are new to Journal Standard, J.S. is a Japanese brand that focuses on casual wear…

12 June 2015
Attractions Theme restaurant

Maid Cafe in Akihabara

Even though I’ve been in Japan for dunno how many donkey years, I’ve never been to a maid cafe before! (I’ve been to a butler cafe though! Story for another time ;D ) I decided it’s time to rectify that, so when my friend…

7 May 2015
Food Life in Japan

Afternoon Tea in Tokyo – Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Mumu and I went for our second afternoon tea in Tokyo recently! The first afternoon tea [post here] was my treat to celebrate her birthday, and this time, it was her treat to celebrate my birthday, heh. I realize I cannot ask her to…

28 April 2015