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Shinjuku Golden Gai

A while back when Eric was visiting, his friend, Van was also in town so we decided to meet up. Van suggested going to Shinjuku Golden Gai, and although I’ve been living in Japan for a while now and I’m pretty familiar with Shinjuku, I’ve never…

6 August 2015

Water Adventure Tokyo Summerland

This is a re-post from my old blog (now inactive) that I kept when I was in Japan previously, and part of the Flashback Friday series! ^_^ An apt time to re-post since it is blazing hot now! Darn you, El Nino! Please excuse the photos. I was…

31 July 2015

Gunma Safari Park

Fu’s aunt and cousin visited recently, and they love zoos, so we decided to bring them to a different kind of zoo… a safari park! Fu and I visited the safari park in Shizuoka several years ago, but our friend told us there was one…

25 June 2015
Anime / Drama Attractions

J-World Tokyo

Almost two years after I first wrote about J-World Tokyo, I finally visited it! I waited so long because I wanted to visit it someone else so that we can キャキャーする (eh, in English, that would be… go gaga?) together inside!!! More fun to do…

9 June 2015

Hakone – A Day Trip from Tokyo

This visit to Hakone was part of a day trip I planned for Eric when he visited back in April :) Hakone is a small town in the neighboring prefecture of Tokyo, Kanagawa. Hakone is about two hours away from Tokyo and is famous for…

4 June 2015
Attractions Friday Five Tourist guide

Where to Rent Kimonos in Kyoto

Last month, I posted our Kyoto Photobook where we strolled around Kyoto in kimonos, and for this week’s Friday Five, I will share with you where to rent kimonos in Kyoto! I will review the place we rented from, as well as provide several alternatives…

8 May 2015