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Outdoor / Nature

Hiking at Mount Takao, Tokyo 高尾山

When Fu’s aunt visited recently, we went hiking at Mount Takao, which is located on the far west of Tokyo. Previously when Fu and I visited Mount Takao, we took the cable car from the base to the mid point, but this time we…

8 July 2015
Food Outdoor / Nature

Day Trip to Izu Peninsula 伊豆半島

Fu’s colleague was visiting from USA and since it was her last weekend, we asked her if she’d like to drive somewhere. We suggested flowers (it’s hydrangea season now!) or beach and she was more keen on the latter, so we headed there. June is…

2 July 2015
Outdoor / Nature

Yoyogi Park 代々木公園

Yoyogi Park is a big park near Harajuku Station in Tokyo. There are no admission fees and the park generally emanates a vibrant energy, with people engaged in all sorts of activities in the park. Off the top of my head, I recall seeing people playing badminton,…

6 May 2015
Outdoor / Nature

Meguro River 目黒川

Meguro River, or Meguro-gawa is a famous place in Tokyo for viewing cherry blossoms, but I have only ever seen photos of it. I decided to rectify it this year by starting off the sakura season here! More than 800 sakura trees line both sides…

4 May 2015
Life in Japan Outdoor / Nature

Sakura ❀ Cherry Blossoms 2015

Although the sakura season has long past, its beauty still lives on in the photos I captured! I thought I’d better fasterly blog it before it gets backlogged till the next sakura season lol. (yes, there are posts that I meant to write that are more…

3 May 2015