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Nabana no Sato なばなの里

I happened to chance upon Nabana no Sato while researching our Nagoya trip, and while it’s not in Nagoya (it’s in Mie prefecture), it is near Nagoya and just a 30-min drive! For people who are not driving, there is also a direct bus from…

15 April 2015
Friday Five Outdoor / Nature

5 Things to Do in Spring in Japan

We are literally at the doorstep to Spring (which I’m extremely eager to welcome!) therefore this week’s Friday Five will be covering 5 things to do in Spring in Japan! Unlike in Singapore, where words like “Spring” and “Fall” are just meaningless phrases we…

28 February 2015
Outdoor / Nature

Best Time to View Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

This is question I frequently get, and since I was asked again a week ago, I decided to do a post on it. It is impossible to predict the precise date on which the flowers are at their most stunning. Think about it logically: you only…

18 January 2015
Featured Outdoor / Nature

My Favorite Place to View Autumn Leaves in Tokyo

It’s finally November, which means… It’s time for viewing  autumn leaves in Tokyo! Autumn is my absolute favorite season! There’s just something deeply captivating about the fiery reds and bright yellows that radiate so brilliantly from the leaves as they transition to their eventual…

1 November 2014
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Bodyboarding at Kugenuma Kaigan 鵠沼海岸

Following up the previous rafting post with another water post! A couple of days before we left for Texas (meaning, about 2 weeks ago), we traveled to Kanagawa – neighbour of Tokyo – to bodyboard! As you can tell from the video, bodyboarding is…

16 August 2014