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Where to Rent Kimonos in Kyoto

Last month, I posted our Kyoto Photobook where we strolled around Kyoto in kimonos, and for this week’s Friday Five, I will share with you where to rent kimonos in Kyoto! I will review the place we rented from, as well as provide several alternatives…

8 May 2015
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Nagoya Itinerary

As part of the recent birthday trip to Kansai, we stopped by Nagoya and spent a day there. It was my first time there and I was quite excited about visiting! Fun fact: Aichi prefecture (which Nagoya is in) used to be called Owari, which is…

10 April 2015
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Hokkaido in Summer

We just returned from a short trip to Hokkaido yesterday! I’ve been to Hokkaido 3 times previously, but it’s my first time visiting Hokkaido in summer! Previously it was always winter, winter, winter. Admittedly, Hokkaido is beautiful in winter, but I’ve always wanted to see…

26 July 2014
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Osaka 2013 – Day 0: Traveling from Tokyo to Osaka

We went to Osaka last week for a short getaway to celebrate Fu’s birthday! (thus the lack of updates…) What do you think of when you hear “Osaka”? For me, it’s definitely… Takoyaki… Okonomiyaki… …  and Kansai-ben (a Japanese dialect)! I planned (and paid…

18 July 2013
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The best time to visit Japan

… is not now. In fact, I think June is the worst month to visit Japan. In early summer, Japan gets a period 梅雨 (tsuyu), the rainy season. Although it supposedly lasts from June to July, in my experience I feel June is the…

12 June 2013