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Trapped in Chennai!

Fu left for India on Nov 29. He volunteered to be on the interviewer team headed there to conduct interviews for the new hires. He had to visit 3 cities: Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi, before flying back to Tokyo. He arrived in Chennai in the…

3 December 2015

6 Weeks of Parenthood

Wow, has it really been 3 weeks since my last post? I assure you this blog is not abandoned or dead yet! Regular posting will be back soon! If you haven’t seen my instagram update (I’m slightly more alive over on instagram than here) we recently had…

6 November 2015
Life in Japan Personal

Silver Week in Japan

I’ve been a little MIA because the past week, Japan was celebrating Silver Week. What is Silver Week? Similar to Golden Week in May, it is a weekend followed by three consecutive days of public holidays. Respect for the Aged Day, third Monday of…

27 September 2015
Personal Site updates

Interruption of schedule

This is a public announcement regarding the interruption in the posting schedule of (A) Due to hosting duties pertaining to visiting relatives, posting is next to impossible as author is out from morning till night. On the upside, more content for posts with visits to…

20 June 2015

It never rains but it pours

It’s been 2+ weeks since my body broke down [read details here], and I can finally say I’m almost well again. It took 3 doctor visits and more than a week’s worth of 16-hour sleep days to fix it -_- My immune system is usually…

3 June 2015

Achievement unlocked

Carys was here from late Friday night to early Monday morning. Although we technically only had two full days together, it was very precious because it’s been forever since we have time like that to ourselves, with nothing else in the way. It’s not her…

20 May 2015

My first encounter with a fan

I was in my room when a guy came by to pick up some stuff he ordered from my sister. I heard their muffled voices behind the closed door when it came to a stop and someone opened my room door. I immediately slid down the…

4 May 2015