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The life or the person?

Had to take a break from writing for a bit because I was preoccupied with a freelance project, but now that I’ve completed it, I’M BAAAACK!!! I’ve been writing as fast as I can but I realize my backlog is hardly decreasing. If anything, it’s…

23 April 2015
Life in Japan Personal

The one who stole my heart

I had my heart stolen two days ago. Actually, make that two of us, because Fu also fell prey! The culprit is this lil one: Kyaaaa!!! Isn’t she the cutest?! *swoon* XD We both love dogs and have been waffling on whether to get one,…

14 April 2015

The birthday experiment

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. At times I am extremely thankful for it, because it lets me keep up to date with them (to the extent that they update la) even though I’m so far away. Conversely, it also allows me to keep…

1 April 2015

Birthday trip

Just returned from a birthday trip to Kansai (West Japan) with Fu and Haru ♥ Yeah, that is the main reason behind the absence of posts. Will hopefully be catching up on posting this week – I have so much to write about!!! And we…

30 March 2015

Thank you and no thank you

I recently received a very sweet message sent through the contact form from an anonymous reader who just wanted to thank me for writing and keeping a blog :’) I have no means of reaching her, so I’ll do it here: Thank you, R. I’m really very touched…

21 March 2015

Running a shop

I have always loved the idea of running a shop. But I’m starting to realize that may be all I love about it – the idea. There are things I truly enjoy: shopping and deciding what items to sell, taking photos, packing orders and clicking that…

12 March 2015

Leveling up

Question: What language do you dream in? They say you truly understand a language when you dream in that language. I’ve only dreamed in English all my life. A couple of times, I had a couple of Chinese words come up in dreams. But only a…

3 March 2015