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Site updates

A Beautiful Life

I’m back! No, I have not left the blog for dead after the previous post. After mulling over the multiple blogs / single blog issue, I’ve finally made a decision! (about time, eh?) I’ve decided that… I’m going to just stick with one blog. After…

3 July 2014
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Multiple blogs or all together?

This has been on my mind on and off since I first started the blog, but in recent days, it made a reappearance and refused to go away since. The following quote from Inception phrases it best: What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus?…

27 June 2014
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New home!

For the blog, that is :) I super itchy backside and one fine day, suddenly decided I had enough of Blogger and carted everything over to WordPress. That fine day was 4 days ago. Since then, I’ve been working long hours (12 hrs and…

10 September 2013
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It’s all in my head

I have no idea how this is my first post in May. I was shocked to see the last post was about a month ago! Thing is, I think about the blog all the time lately. What posts to write, what new content to…

24 May 2013