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Rotiboy Hunting in Seoul

Edit (3 April 2015): A reader who visited this branch reported that it has closed down :C However, here is the list of stores on Rotiboy Korea’s official website. Do you remember Rotiboy??? These delicious coffee buns used to be sold in Singapore but gradually, the branches closed…

16 April 2014

Han River – Cycling and Chimek

I wanted to visit the Han River, and thought, “What best to do there than to live out a Rooftop Prince scene…” CYCLING!!! I somehow have the impression that dating-cycling is a thing in K-dramas, although Rooftop Prince is the only one I can…

14 April 2014

Best place to exchange money in Seoul

I was searching for information on where to exchange foreign currency, or where to find money changers in Seoul before my trip but information was limited, so I thought I’d post my own experiences here. Unlike in Singapore where there are plenty of money…

12 April 2014

Bau House – Dog Cafe in Seoul

Bau House dog cafe is a place I’ve been looking forward to going since I discovered it while researching on places to go in Korea! Despite Japan’s super love for dogs, there are no dog cafes in Tokyo! To be more specific, there are…

9 April 2014

Seoul 2014 Itinerary – Super free & easy

A brief itinerary of our recent 10-day Korea trip. We spent all 9 nights in Seoul alone, because we are the relax-and-take-our-time-exploring-one-area type of tourist ;D So yes, no Jeju, no Busan, no anywhere else but Seoul! (the shock, the horror! All 10 days…

7 April 2014

From Japan to Korea!

I spent most of the week planning and researching for… yes! A trip to Korea! After watching so many K-dramas and Running Man, I finally get to go the places onscreen and eat the delicious food I could only drool at before! And can…

21 March 2014