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Learning how to gamble in Las Vegas

By that, I meant learning *HOW* to gamble in Las Vegas. Not learning how to gamble IN Las Vegas. Which means… we sat down at the Blackjack table to gamble without even knowing the proper rules! The dealer had to teach us and at…

10 September 2014

It’s Vegas, baby!

We flew up to Las Vegas for the weekend! Returned only early this morning because of flight delays – a first in our lives. Also, Fu officially swears off Southwest Airlines. First and last time flying with them. More on that in another post.…

8 September 2014

Outlet mall shopping in San Marcos, Texas

We started off the Labor Day weekend with an outlet mall shopping marathon! I thought that there might be better discounts over a holiday, so I planned for this trip from way back in early August. I’ve been excited about outlet malls in the…

3 September 2014

Bat watching in Austin, TX

Austin is known as the The Live Music Capital of the World and apart from having the most music venues, there is one more thing Austin has the most of… BATS. Before I arrived, I was looking at the hotel’s local attractions guide and…

28 August 2014

Road trip to San Antonio

We took a 1.5 hr drive from Austin to San Antonio this past weekend! One thing I noticed about the skies here is that they stretch on ENDLESSLY. I can literally see the skies spanning miles and miles! The buildings here go for width…

20 August 2014

Clay shooting in Austin, Texas

Last week, we went clay shooting! In case it wasn’t clear, we handled a real shotgun and shot at real flying things. (on the off chance you’re like pre-clay-shooting me who have no clear idea of what clay shooting is) This is a very…

19 August 2014

Queuing for 4 hours at Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue is a restaurant in Austin that every single person we spoke to highly recommended to us. They said it was something we HAD TO TRY, and that it’s mega awesome. I swear their eyes were shining and they were this close to…

10 August 2014