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Yanaka – Exploring Tokyo’s Shitamachi

Despite living in Japan for a few years now, there are still many places in Tokyo I have not heard of, much less visited. One such place is 谷中 Yanaka, a town, I was told, that still preserves the atmosphere and charm from decades ago. Yanaka…

25 November 2015
Life in Japan

Typhoon Season in Japan

September is typhoon season in Japan and it has lashed out in full force! Central Japan is seeing the worst of it – winds up to 180kph!!! – and comparatively, Tokyo is having it easy. Just lots and lots of rain, and for the…

9 September 2015
Featured Food

Hidden Sushi Gem in Tsukiji Market

I was debating if I should post this, since this was a little secret sushi restaurant that Carys and I ate at in Tsukiji Market… but then I decided, heck. It’s not like my one post will cause snaking queues at this restaurant the next…

21 August 2015
Life in Japan

Curing homesickness

Mumu was struck with homesickness lately, most likely in view of the recent Golden Jubilee celebrations. Talking about SG50 celebrations, did anyone else realize that the music used during the NDP parade when the tanks were rolling past was a song from Naruto OST???…

14 August 2015

Shinjuku Golden Gai

A while back when Eric was visiting, his friend, Van was also in town so we decided to meet up. Van suggested going to Shinjuku Golden Gai, and although I’ve been living in Japan for a while now and I’m pretty familiar with Shinjuku, I’ve never…

6 August 2015

Water Adventure Tokyo Summerland

This is a re-post from my old blog (now inactive) that I kept when I was in Japan previously, and part of the Flashback Friday series! ^_^ An apt time to re-post since it is blazing hot now! Darn you, El Nino! Please excuse the photos. I was…

31 July 2015