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Silver + Pink glitter sandwich

20 February 2014

No, not the bread sandwich, but the manicure sandwich.
(i don’t think edible glitter is invented yet, is it? ok. just googled. it exists. crazy humans. but it’s pretty, i’ll give it that much.)

I saw someone’s post on this design sometime back but only got around to doing it now :D


I did an accent nail in pink for each hand ^o^ The design is so pretty… I love it!

glitter-sandwich-pink2 glitter-sandwich-pink4

The glitter that is sandwiched in between the pink is muted out, but lends depth to the design ;D

Here are the colors I used:

a-england's iseult; Essie's Set in stones; Essie's A cut above;

a-england’s iseult | Essie’s Set in stones | Essie’s A cut above

Technique is simple: Base coat, 2-3 coats pink, 1 coat glitter, 1 coat pink, 1 coat glitter, top coat.

I think I’m getting better at doing my nails… today is the third day wearing it and NONE of my nails have any signs of chipping yet! NOT A SINGLE ONE! :O

I’m very chor lor (er, ungentle/rough) and the destruction typically starts within the same day T_T The only time it lasted was when a VERY good manicurist did my nails. So it must be that… I’M IMPROVING! ^o^ Or maybe… a-england’s polish is just so hardy. Hmmm. Need to test it with other polishes…

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