Friday Five

Friday Five (FF) is a segment where I will list 5 things of a certain theme on every Friday (duh). I think it should be mostly related to Japan. Not sure about it yet. Just rolling along with the idea I had in my head. Let’s see where this takes us!

If there’s something you’re curious about or would like to see featured, go ahead and post your question(s) below. No promises though, since even I am subjected to my whims and fancies ;D

FF1 – 5 Rare Things in Japan
FF2 – Top 5 Favorite Anime
FF3 – Buying a Car – 5 Ways Japan is Different
FF4 – 5 Things to Do in Spring in Japan
FF5 – 5 Things Japanese Associate With Singapore
FF6 – 5 Reasons to Visit Japan in May
FF7 – 5 Places to Rent Kimonos in Kyoto
FF8 – 5 Things to Do in Summer in Japan
FF9 – 5 Ways to Enjoy Sakura in Tokyo


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    […] busy with house-moving, but I cannot miss a Friday Five post just one week after I launched […]

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    […] As you might know, we recently bought a new car! Although it hasn’t arrived, here are some practices I thought were quite different from usual so I’m sharing them in this week’s Friday Five! […]

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    […] Friday Five today because my internet has been down since […]

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    […] That’s this week’s Friday Five! […]

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