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Life in Japan

February Life

Since I did a roundup in January, I quite liked the idea and wanted to do it every month. Sort of like a monthly summary series :) I totally meant to write this post earlier, but I was kept away by happenings in #MarchLife, which…

10 March 2017
Outdoor / Nature

The Icicles of Chichibu, Saitama

The past weekend, Fu and I made a trip to see icicles! The Japanese name for icicles is tsurara, which sounds so cute, hehe. We missed it last year, but this year we quickly went to buy snow tyres and went on a one-day…

16 February 2017
Tourist guide Transport

Renting a Car in Japan

Are you planning on renting a car in Japan to do a road trip? Then this post will be a handy guide! Before we bought a car, we used to rent cars to go on road trips (here’s our first road trip, and one…

14 February 2017

Visiting the Abandoned Island of Gunkanjima

Starting this month, I’m determined to chip away at my huge backlog of posts, so even though I visited this place last February, here it is, at last! About Gunkanjima Gunkanjima 軍艦島 is an island in Nagasaki and goes by many names. The official name is…

10 February 2017

10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

It’s less than a week to Valentines’ Day! Do you celebrate it? I think either way any excuse is a good excuse to spend the day with your loved ones! Here are 10 ideas to spend Valentines’ Day in Tokyo: 1. Tour Tokyo on water The…

8 February 2017
Everyday Adventures Gadget

How To Remove Fuzz Balls Effortlessly!

Don’t you have at least an article of clothing or two with those dreaded little balls clinging on and being an eyesore? The sweater Milk Tea is wearing has lots of fuzz balls (also known as lint balls or piling) on it and it’s…

2 February 2017

Rounding off January

No idea how it happened, but my calendar is telling me that one twelfth of 2017 is over. The heck… where did time go??! It feels like I didn’t even do anything in January! From memory, the only thing I did was go to…

1 February 2017