About triplerin

If you like Japan, curious about what living in Japan is like, want to read about travels around Japan… I think you will feel right at home here!

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Life is full of adventures and this blog is where I document them :)

You will see a certain name pop up with rather high frequency in my posts. Fu (福) is my partner-in-crime in life, and we have been happily married since 2012™ after dating for almost a decade.

I was living and working in Japan from 2010-2011, forced by my family to leave Japan after the 3/11 earthquake, but still found my way back here in 2012 all thanks to Fu. You can read our 3/11 story here and how we came to Japan the second time here.

I kept a blog when I was living in Japan previously, but I didn’t write regularly and I’ve since closed it down anyway. But I revive some of the posts and memories through Flashback Friday posts!

I started this blog as a way to share with family, friends, and even strangers my daily life and things a tourist to Japan would be interested in. We have a grand plan to visit every single prefecture in Japan, and you can track our progress here!

As I love documenting things and experiences, I also write about my various interests, including travel (non-Japan), food, and beauty.

There are also more personal entries – sometimes deep reflections, but more often than not simply random ramblings – which you can find here.

And how my love for Japan all began? This post details the story.

In short, this blog is basically a personal/lifestyle blog rather than a Japan-centric blog, although there will be many Japan-related posts, seeing as my life is in Japan.



Hello! I’m Sharene, pronounced “sure-rin“.

People who hear my name can’t remember it and ask for me to spell it.
When I spell it, they can’t associate it and spell it wrong, pronounce it wrong.

People who see my name can’t pronounce it and ask for me to say it.
When I say it, they can’t associate it and pronounce it wrong, remember it wrong.

For the sake of your sanity and mine, please just call me Rin.

My last name translates to “rin” in Japanese, AND my middle name also contains a “rin”.

This makes a total of THREE RINs in my full name, thus the name triplerin!

Enough about the name, although you have no reason not to remember this blog’s URL from now on, not after reading all of the above! Lol.



I usually post as and when time allows – an adventurer is busy! – so there is no real schedule to speak of. But I started a Friday segment so I guess that’s at least one regular-ish thing on the blog?

FridayFriday Five or Flashback Friday (apparently I like Fridays…)
All other days – Mood-dependent. May also randomly feature event of the (distant) past due to severe backlog @_@



I am always excited to hear from people who stop by my blog! So say hello by leaving a comment on the blog, or over on Instagram or Facebook!