On the way back!

1 November 2014

By the time you’re reading this, I’m on my first plane towards Tokyo! (I scheduled this post)

I have a Austin – San Francisco – Vancouver – Haneda itinerary. Whee.

I foresee I’ll be out of action for a bit with regards to blogging once I get back to Tokyo so I scheduled some (or maybe just one, I don’t remember) to keep the blog going for a bit. See! My procrastination aside, I actually take my blogging very seriously *nods solemnly*

Oh, I’ll be MIA not because of jet lag. I think I’m immune to it and have never experienced it so I don’t really know how/what it is. (WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S BECAUSE I KEEP IRREGULAR HOURS???)

I’ll be too busy hugging my house, the conbini staff who will not ask me how my day is, the random pole on the street, as well as stuffing my face with Japanese food to even open wordpress. So yeah.

See you  in a few (or maybe probably more) days and perhaps a few kg heavier! ;D

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