2015 Goals

9 January 2015

Last year, I set some goals for myself and it worked out pretty well, so I’m going to do the same this year!

First, a look at 2014’s goals (so I feel a greater sense of accomplishment and will be motivated to keep up with this year’s new goals):

  1. Get my Japanese Driver’s License (assuming I’m qualified for conversion) – Not applicable. I qualified only after returning from my trip to Singapore in December and immediately went to apply for it (read horrendous story here and here).
  2. Learn to fluently read hangul before we go Korea – CHECK!
  3. Go Korea – CHECK!
  4. Take wedding photos (haven’t taken yet! D:) – Eh. This one no. No time, no money. More of the latter, really, HAHA. This year, perhaps? :D
  5. Get my ass over to at least one board game meetup – CHECK. Went to more than one, in fact!
  6. Attend at least one cooking class – CHECK. Also went to more than one!
  7. Attend at least one baking class – Oh damn. I forgot about this! >_>
  8. Learn a new instrument – CHECK. Bought and learnt to play the ocarina ;D
  9. Improve my Japanese by setting by a blog to translate articles, at least once a week (how’s that for specificity huh?) – CHECK-ish. I didn’t set up a blog, but I did become a paid translator, so I guess it counts!
  10. Think less. Just do. – CHECK. Blogged a lot more in 2014!

I did pretty good, right?! Just say yes.

And now…

  1. Get Japanese driver’s license for real -_-
  2. Another leftover from last year: Attend at least one baking class
  3. Explore more of Japan – at least visit a couple of new prefectures. For the sake of specificity, I’ll say… at least 3?
  4. Blog at least twice a week (ha! I’m gonna kill myself trying to keep this up the entire year, but here goes nothing!)
  5. Make friends. Been here 2 years and never did try to seriously make friends. It’s delayed, but never too late!

When I told Fu no. 5 has been on my mind for some time, Fu asked me why I must wait till the start of a new year to make new resolutions. I told him it was because I already I had goals from 2014 that I haven’t completed.

But actually…  he raised a good point. As long as it’s in the same year, I should be able to add on more if I want, regardless of whether or not the rest have been fulfilled! So I’m starting this year’s list small and adding on along the way (if necessary)!

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