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J-World Tokyo

9 June 2015

Almost two years after I first wrote about J-World Tokyo, I finally visited it!

I waited so long because I wanted to visit it someone else so that we can キャキャーする (eh, in English, that would be… go gaga?) together inside!!! More fun to do it with someone else rather than alone! Not to mention less crazy-looking lol.

In my ideal world, I would go with Carys. And… guess what? My years of waiting paid off since she finally came to Tokyo again and we got to go together! (>ε<)

There were two options to choose from: Entrance only, which was 800 yen (750 for Carys since she brought her passport and I didn’t…), or Passport, which costs 2,600 yen which includes entrance fee and unlimited access to attractions.

The paid attractions looked a bit ambiguous and mostly kiddy from the pictures, so we went with entrance ticket alone. We decided we could pay for individual attractions if we really wanted to.

Upon entering, we actually passed by the One Piece area first, but since we both don’t watch it, I’m skipping ahead to our first love first… Naruto!!!

Note: From here on, I’ll be switching to animepseak. So if you find yourself not understanding a whole bunch of gabbergook, don’t worry, it’s not you. Just enjoy the photos! :D


At the entrance to Konoha!

I tell you, the staff in the shinobi outfit behind us is really hilarious. In our photo (above), I think he was just randomly throwing his head back and laughing. Yep, at nothing at all. Just for posing. Lol.

In other people’s photos, he’d be in the background of the photo, weaving signs for a kuchiyose no jutsu and finishing it off with an exaggerated pose, one hand on the ground and the other hand dramatically poised midair.

Yeah, just like that.

Moving on, here’s us!


And it doesn’t look like much, but we’re hard at shinobi training here:

Using our chakra takes a lot out of us, so we headed to the food area next.

Spotted an Icha-icha Paradaisu poster!!!

Chouji’s favorite 焼肉 store

And Naruto’s favorite Ichi Raku Ramen!!!

There are lots of themed food and pastries to match the various series that are on exhibit. We were too full to eat anything, but here’s an example of some Naruto-themed sweets:

There was also an awesome Naruto purikura machine, so OF COURSE we took pictures!


Apart from Naruto, the next series I was most excited about was Haikyuu!!

Unlike Naruto (and One Piece and Dragon Ball), the Haikyuu!! area is not fixed and available for a limited time only. Still, I enjoyed it and liked the thought they put into it!

The school gate (made of cardboard and rather flimsy lol)

An awesome (fake) vending machine with character drinks

and a closeup is obviously necessary to see the awesomeness of the detail. LOVE THEM!

The court, also an interaction area

Club room

With silly polaroids complete with captions XD

TOBIO~~~~~~~~ ♥


Didn’t spam as many photos in the other areas, so here’s just one representative photo from each area, heh.

One Piece

Assassination Classroom

Kuroko no Basket

And with these, the visit comes to a close!

I’m so happy to finally visit, because I no longer have to avert my eyes every time I pass by the attraction or actively avoid looking at photos of the attraction. (I hate spoilers like that lol)

But I wouldn’t say it’s a die die must visit place, even if you have mega love for any of the series they feature. Mostly, the place is just filled with 2D things (posters, standees, etc) and the games are generally catered for kids (so don’t spend your money on the passport!)

But if you love any of the anime series and can spare the time, it can still be fun! Especially if you are spontaneous or crazy enough ;D

J-World Tokyo
Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 3F
3-1-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: Ikebukuro

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