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Ojipan x Pomu no Ki Omurice Theme Restaurant

27 January 2016

I enjoy the omurice (omelette rice) from Pomu no ki ポムの樹 and when Zhen was over, we decided to visit the branch at Harajuku because she loves omurice too.

We were surprised to find that the entire store was refashioned in a collaboration with a character which I personally love – Ojipan!

Ojipan is short for ojisan panda, or uncle panda lol. He is a character by Q-lia (a company that makes character goods like Sanrio), and even has his own website here!

The description for Ojipan is hilarious too!

Ojipan is an uncle panda with a characteristic barcode hairstyle and a slightly bulging belly. He can occasionally be seen muttering under his breath. He is a salaryman.


We happily headed into the restaurant, which was fully decked out in ojipan-ness.

The menu is a lot simpler than the usual Pomu no Ki offerings, but it gets full marks for theme!

We would’ve ordered other items too – the drinks and desserts look so cute! – but we had many other things lined up for eating in Harajuku so we only ordered one plate of omurice to share else we would become like…

The cool thing is that they totally encourage you to take photos in the restaurant! They provide props and you can walk around and even to the outside to take photos!

Props can be found in that box in the background

Although it was raining, we ventured outside and found a GIANT OJIPAN.

Just a cutout, but still!

Do Japanese do themed stuff well or what? ❤︎

This special Ojipan collaboration runs for a limited time only (I’m assuming after that, it will revert back to the original plain Pomu no Ki layout). Ojipan was originally supposed to end on 31 Jan 2016, but due to popular demand, it is extended till 31 Mar 2016!

Go check out this cute restaurant if you are in town during this period! (there’s also a Sanrio Pompompurin theme cafe right next door; already KIV-ed to be checked out at a later date ;)

Pomu no Ki (Harajuku)

Official Pomu website for Ojipan

〒150-0001 1-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Nearest station: Harajuku


Housed in this building (Cute Cube):

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