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5 Reasons to Visit Japan in May

1 May 2015

May is my favorite month in the year!


Because the weather is PERFECT.

With low 20-ish degree celsius weather, it’s neither too cold nor too hot! No need to huddle into heavy winter coats, or melt under the sweltering summer heat. Not rainy season (that’s in June) or typhoon season (Sep/Oct). Just… perfect la!

To welcome my favorite month, here are 5 reasons to visit Japan in May!

#1: Fuji-Q

Fuji-Q is our favorite theme park in Japan and with the excellent weather in May, it makes it the most ideal time to visit the theme park!

No need fear the cold winter winds freezing your face off, or the summer heat making you sweat buckets (the rides alone are enough to induce that).

See my post on my visit to Fuji-Q last May here!


#2: Wisteria

Day or night, wisteria (or 藤の花 fuji no hana) are a sight to behold!

They are in bloom starting from end April right through mid May.

Catch them at:

Kawachi Fujien 河内藤園 (Kawachi Fuji Garden) in Fukuoka (first picture) [link]

Ashikaga Flower Park あしかがフラワーパーク in Tochigi (second picture) [link]


#3: Baby Blue Eyes

Nemophila, more commonly referred to as Baby Blue Eyes, is in full bloom in May!

More than 4.5 million flowers cover the hills, bathing it in a lovely shade of blue!

See it at Hitachi Seaside Park 国営ひたち海浜公園 in Ibaraki [link].


#4: Cherry-picking

The cherry-picking season in Japan starts as early as May!

Eat your fill of Japanese cherries here! We haven’t eaten another cherry since our visit last year haha.


#5: Sumo wrestling

In May, sumo matches are held in Tokyo.

I really encourage people to catch at least one sumo match in Japan if possible. It’s a really unique experience and rather thrilling!

You can read about my experience last year here.

Yup, those are the 5 reasons to visit Japan in May. But really, with good weather, everything is way more enjoyable! And May is exactly that.

And yes, if you noticed, it’s a (brief?) revival of the Friday Five! :D


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