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One Year Anniversary!

28 September 2013

We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary over the weekend!

Time flies! Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating our silver… gold… diamond (?!!) anniversary!

Actually, I don’t think we will celebrate diamond, or even gold actually. I cannot imagine living till so old! I imagine I will take 10 minutes to get out of a chair, have to clean between the folds of my skin because it’s so wrinkled, sneeze and risk breaking a rib…

But eh. This is a HAPPY POST!



Ok, reset mood to happy feelings mode :D

So yes, our anniversary celebration!

We first had a pre-celebration (what? we just like any excuse to celebrate…) dinner the day before and Fu indulged me in a buffet dinner at a hotel. Food was pretty decent, but it was the ambiance that really scored points with us.

1379759196067I only took one photo of the place… but good enough la. You get the idea :D

Our wedding was nautical-themed, so on the actual day, we decided to go on a nautical-inspired road trip! Hehe.

This time, we decided to drive along the coast and enjoy the last bit of summer since the temperature is starting to dip in favor of Autumn.

We did some rough research on the places of attraction in Miura, the area we wanted to go, and just winged it with the itinerary. We only decided on the next place to go just as we were leaving our current location. Part of the fun is adapting the itinerary to our whims and fancies!

This is the general route we eventually took:


(A) Tokyo > (B) Yokosuka


Yeah! Sun on my face!!! Almost died. The things I do for photos -_-

The drive to Yokosuka was mostly via the highway, so we didn’t get to see much of the sea yet.

The U.S. Navy has a base in Yokosuka, so I don’t know if it was because of that knowledge, but I noticed a lot more English along the streets. Like shop signs… and… ok, mainly shop signs lol.

(B) Yokosuka > (C) Kurihama Flower Land

Kurihama Flower Land came up in our research, but I only REALLY wanted to go when I saw a brochure inside Yokosuka Port Market *points to picture above*

Why? Because cosmos and poppies were starting to bloom! There was also some herb garden event going on that day. For Fu, he was most enamoured with seeing the Godzilla statue in the park o_O


Arriving at the park!

It was upslope all the way and the sun was so hot! I was melting under the umbrella! All because I was too er, economical to pay the 200yen/person for the tram ride ;_;

But it was only one stop and seemed like such a waste!

After lunch, we wandered around the gardens and eventually made our way to the star attraction of the park for Fu… GODJIRA!!!

Man vs Godzilla. Except... you can hardly see the man...

Man vs Godzilla.
Except… you can hardly see the man…

Ok, now you can see Godzilla AND the man

Ok, now you can see Godzilla AND the man

After his imaginary battle with Godzilla, we headed downslope to the star attraction of the park for me – The cosmos and poppy fields!


For some reason, I had this in mind when I posed:

Lol. Super random I know. LINE stickers are invading my life! Btw, everyone should use LINE!!! Whatsapp is so yesteryear!



Dunno what we were trying to doing here, but it’s a nice candid shot! :D

20130922_144424We took this photo all by ourselves! Me for him first, then exchanged.
The magic of photoshop, heh.

Seasonal special

Seasonal special

The ice-cream tastes kinda like… eating soap or essential oil. I guess in our heads we do not equate lavender to food.


On the tram

Finally willing to pay to take the tram. Because we are taking it from end to end! Maximize the money paid hahaha!


View of the cosmos/poppy fields from the tram

We left the park and started our drive towards the coast!

An interesting house we saw along the way:


All ready for Halloween!
The staircase (blocked by the car) is also decked with pumpkins!


(C) Kurihama Flower Land > (D) Passed by only > (E) Zushi Beach


At last, THE BEACH!


20130922_174422Fu was surprised to see that the sand is black, unlike in Singapore, where all our beaches have clean, powder, near-white sand.

I told him that the sand in Singapore is artifical; it’s true! I’ve seen the bags and bags of them laid out at East Coast Park (or some beach, cannot remember already). That’s why so nice and perfect mah! Apparently he didn’t know that lol.

So anyway, at the beach, surely everyone is tempted to…



And another!

And another!

We took a lot more, but these 2 were the only ones that weren’t a blurry mess. (the sun was setting + we were taking with iphone)

After calming down enough to take a proper photo before the sun disappears

After calming down enough to take a proper photo before the sun disappears

We strolled along the beach, talking about everything and nothing, before our stomachs beckoned for attention.

Which brings us to dinner.

Nothing more fitting than a seafood dinner for the occasion!

But OMG.
Speaking of dinner.






Italian food I’ve ever had in Japan!!!
(to lazy to continue breaking it word by word)

I would almost say in the world, but there are strong contenders elsewhere lol.


The restaurant!

King crab with avocado cream and mayo

King crab with avocado cream and mayo

Snow crab with crabcreamidunnowhatomgawesomesauce

Snow crab with crabcreamidunnowhatomgawesomesauce

They look unassuming, but I KID YOU NOT. THEY WERE SO. GOOD.

Normally, Fu doesn’t care much about food. When you ask him how something is, he’ll say “Ok”. Or “Not bad”.

Here, every dish had him widening his eyes on his first mouthful, and leaving him with a stunned expression. Eventually, his senses recover enough for him to splutter a “This is REALLY good”. Then he’ll keep repeating it for the remainder of the dish.

Fu was suspecting that it might be a Michelin restaurant, although the prices indicated otherwise. It’s around just $20 for each main!

He was so hyped up about this new discovery he started to flip through the menus to find locate their URL to see if there’s a branch in Tokyo.

When he realized there’s only one branch, he started to see what’s the nearest station so that we could perhaps train out to eat when we felt like it.

Then he went on to say we should come back every anniversary. LOL.

I didn’t just blather on and on about his reactions for 5 paragraphs for nothing ok. This is to demonstrate how truly awesome this place is! Enough to convert someone who eats just to fill his stomach to a blathering, crazed foodie.

And that’s before we even had dessert. We were saying if the dessert sucks, we’ll order another main to make up for it, even though we were stuffed at this point haha.

Apple strudle/tart/thing

Apple strudel/pie/thing

To me it’s more like a strudel, but the menu called it a pie. Or was it tart. One of those.

Dessert platter

Dessert platter

Very generous servings! And EVERYTHING was delicious. Even that sponge cake at the top left which is really like the cousin of pandan cake. So simple, so plain, but… how? HOW did they make it so delicious. Maybe I should come work here and steal their secrets.


Snowberry chocolates

This chocolate was named “Snowberries” and I thought those were really snowberries!

I ate one and was thinking “This really tastes like strawberries…”

I read the menu again and realized they were indeed strawberries ._.

I guess I really wanted to believe they were snowberries because the name is so cute, so magical-sounding!

(ok, just googled and found that there really are snowberries, which are poisonous to humans)

Sharing the restaurant’s details in case any one is fortunate to drop by there for a meal (ok, and also for my own reference, heh)

CANTINA | 湘南逗子海岸を一望する



— —

In closing:



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    The food looks so yummy, I am hungry now!!! I deviate from my assignments to come and visit your blog and see what you’ve ben up to lately hehee. Miss you, can’t wait for December!!! (´ε` )♡

    • Reply Rin 30 September 2013 at 12:52 pm

      The food was so good. I miss it! ;__;

      Heh, I feel the luuurrrrveeee ♥♥♥

      Yes, DECEMBER!!!

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