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Wish fulfilled

27 December 2013

I came back from Hong Kong a week ago, and it was my most meaningful trip yet.

It wasn’t that I am so enamoured with Hong Kong; It’s not my first time there. It’s more the reason why I went.

I went there to fulfil the wish of two people – My grandma’s and my own.

I don’t remember the exact conversation that led to it, but while chatting with my grandma, she said she hasn’t been to Hong Kong in her life (she’s Cantonese, and she just turned 83 this year).

She said my mom said she will bring her, but never did. Then she looked sadly into the distance. Or maybe not. Probably just in my dramatic imagination.

But she most definitely said all these with a sad puppy-eyed expression, can?! She’s a master of manipulation.

I was poor then and couldn’t afford to bring her on a trip, but it has always been at the back of my mind since then.

This year, I’m still poor. But this year it’s like I have a renewed view on time and extra diligent in checking off the bucket list.

One day, I woke up after a dream about my grandma and decided right there and then that I SHALL JUST DO IT. NOW.

But… if I treat my grandma without treating my mom, I think I will smell the jealousy all the way from Singapore T_T

What’s a daughter to do?!?!

Rope in the other daughter! (≧∇≦)


3-generations trip!

This was taken as a memento at the cable car station before we abandoned plan to go Lantau Island because it was way too cold!

The wind was MAD strong that day, whipping at us relentlessly. This was in addition to temperatures dipping that week. It looked like an hour-long queue at the very least, in the open.

Popo was like placing her hands on her cheeks to keep warm and when we told her we were going to take the cable car up, her face was all


We seriously LOLed at her reaction!!! Haha, it was really super funny! We decided to ditch Lantau Island (and also subsequently, Victoria Peak). Winter is not a good time for old people unaccustomed to traveling!

I wonder what she thought of Hong Kong. Maybe she will only remember being very cold, having to walk a lot, and climb a lot of stairs… >_<

But for me, I’m very happy we brought her there. That’s one major item off the bucket list!

Thanks for helping make this happen, Zhen! ♥♥♥


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