Life in Japan

10% to go!

6 August 2013

We moved on Saturday and since then, I’m like a possessed robot; Unpacking, cleaning, slicing up carton boxes, unpacking, cleaning, tying up trash bags, unpacking… you get the idea.

Left with the last 10% and I can finally be at peace. All this mess drives me nuts.

Before unpacking. I’d say it’s 65% messy.
100% is when things are strewn everywhere and in a magically conjured obstacle course state.

But I did get a breather and managed to explore the new neighborhood on foot though! We spent 1+ hour walking around. Our new neighborhood is awesome! LOVE.

My guide around the neighborhood was Fu, who recce-d the place when he woke up early one morning at 6am.

When you consider that here I am typing this at 5am… We really live in two different worlds lol.

Anyway, back to moving. It’s my first time using a moving company in Japan and there’s so much to blog about! But oh, I still have the Osaka posts… =/

The upcoming week is also going to be super fun! It’s packed with many different things (including bucket list items!), but one in particular is VERY exciting.

OMG, getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! I’ll keep you in suspense first. I’ll write about them… a few weeks later. Lol.

You can’t blame me. Fu is on 2-week leave now so excuse us while we enjoy our days before he goes full force into the new job!

Ok, I’ll keep this post a short one. I’m getting hungry and need to sleep now so that I don’t need to eat.


  • Reply Ly 3 September 2016 at 11:35 pm

    Nice Ikea dining set, I had one in black. =)

    I used to wake up around 4-5 am when I had visited my grandparents back in Vietnam and people there really get up early! By 5 near 6, they would be outside heading to the market or so. It’s really refreshing because everything around them is so lively. I guess, I do like the idea of stepping outside the city and there’s a ton of people outside running errands or just chatting away. Never the feeling of feeling lonely.

    I know this is a much older post, but it’s so fun to reply. I will catch up on everything over time! I have never ran across a blogger that is so interesting. Back then I never understood how people can be glued to someone’s page or whatever. Now I can look back and laugh about it . . . =D

    • Reply Rin 4 September 2016 at 3:08 pm

      I’m incredibly flattered you read all the way back to this post! :3 ❤︎

      WAKE UP AT 4-5AM?! It’s way easier for me to sleep at that time lol. The suburbs of Vietnam does conjure an image of green fields and fresh air, with loads of friendly people. Not sure if that’s actually the case though haha.

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