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10 January 2014

This post is taken from the old blog I kept when I worked in Japan previously, and part of the Flashback Friday series.

Instead of burying them away, I thought I’d share and re-home them here, since they were a memorable phase of my life. Besides, some of you might find them interesting too :)

Just to give a bit of info so that this post makes sense: I was teaching English at public elementary schools in Japan some years back, and I taught at 3 different schools every week.

Mon, Tue at School A.
Wed, Thur at School B.
Fri at School C.

First written: 6 June 2010

I really should blog more. Almost everyday there is something interesting that happens; NPB can testify to that. I blabber non-stop like a machine the moment I reach home ^o^

But I somehow get distracted when I go online- so many things to read! to see! to shop! hehe. So blogging automatically takes a backseat. Still, I WILL TRY. (hey, at least I bother saying so, right?)

I wanted to try and summarize the highlights of the past week, but realized I can’t even remember much (onset of age…? :X) But what stuck out most is that I feel so very loved at one of my schools!

Everyone – from the big 3 (principal, vice-principal and head of school affairs) to the teachers and of course the students – make me feel so welcome and treat me as if I’m one of them, not just someone that goes to their school a couple of hours a week (even if that’s what I really am doing) and treat me like I don’t exist.

They invite and involve me in the school activities, and every time I pass the students, especially the year 1 & 2s, I feel like a superstar with a fan club! One will spot me, and call out, “リン先生だ!” (“It’s Rin-sensei!”)

The next thing I know, 12 other faces turn towards me and they’re all screaming “RIN-SENSEI! RIN-SENSEIII~~~~!”

And while they do that, more kids just join in! And they will keep doing that till you wave and acknowledge them. HAHA!


My first grader fans! I mean, students. They are SO adorbs.
And yes, this is a typical Japanese classroom!
(along with my brilliant, self-invented game on the board)

I also have a ridiculous, never-ending game of tag with the 3rd graders. When they see me along the corridor, before class or really, wherever, they will come up to me, yell “Touch!” and poke me, expecting me to chase them back to tag them.

It’s not too bad, if not for the fact that TEN OF THEM DO THAT AT THE SAME TIME.

So I’m walking along, all innocent, minding my own business and suddenly I get attacked by ten kids. All with eager faces, all expecting me to chase them down.

It’s ridiculous, but I always end up playing because they just look too cute to disappoint!

Another interesting thing that happened is that while having lunch with the 3rd graders, one of the girls gave me a star bead. When I thanked her and said it was cute (because it’s polite to do so, and I do like stars) she gave me another bead. And a ribbon. And some sequins.

When another girl saw the scene unfolding before her, she also promptly ran for her bead box and gave me some.

Rinse and repeat a few more times.

By the end of lunch, my hands are overflowing with beads and knick knacks I’m not sure what to do with, and a piece of silver origami sheet (only present from a boy).

Now that I mention it, I’m not sure what to do with the origami sheet as well.

Then the girls invited me to join them during the afternoon break and we went to pick poppy seeds!

So right now on the balcony, we are planting watermelons (yes, watermelons.), basil, sakurasou (japanese flower) and poppy!


  • Reply Khaw 10 January 2015 at 11:44 pm

    Rin, were you used to be in for JET?

    • Reply Rin 11 January 2015 at 10:22 pm

      Hi Khaw, no I was not in the JET program.

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