Love Locks at N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)

29 April 2014

On my birthday, we headed up to N Seoul Tower (previously known as Namsan Tower)! This post covers the first part, where we went to the famous deck to add in our lock too, hehe :3

Second part is dinner, also at N Seoul Tower.

Seriously though, we were in Seoul for 10 days, and the ONE SINGLE DAY when weather mattered, it decides to rain. WHAT. IS. THIS. *shakes angry fist*

But ok la, I do love rain. So this must be nature’s way of celebrating for me?

At the cable car station

Our brilliant view from the cable car of… blurred shapes and colors…

The scene that greets us after we get off the cable car

DID THE CABLE CAR JUST CROSS INTO AN ALTERNATE DIMENSION? Perhaps a horror movie set??? The mist is crazy!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the proud and magnificent…

… N Seoul Tower

Such a majestic tower!

After #pointlessphototaking, we proceeded to the deck with the locks, and despite the crappy weather, there were still lots of people milling about.

We wanted to buy locks from Daiso, but the Daiso at Myeongdong doesn’t sell any lock-and-key ones. They only had combination locks, so we didn’t get them.

We ended buying the lock from the souvenir shop at N Seoul Tower itself.

Each set costs 10,000 won and comes with a permanent marker pen to scribble on the lock.

Like this!

Posing with our lock

Next was to find a good spot to lock! It’s super crowded, so it’s nearly impossible to lock it on the original metal railings. What some people do is lock it on other locks that have a long bar. But what happens is…


You can see the supporting lock on the right broke off, either from excessive weight or from rust.

So we spent a long time searching for a good spot! (ok fine, Fu did. I was busy taking photos. Where do you think the photos in this post come from, huh? *defensive*)


He actually managed to find a tiiiny opening in the gate railing! After more than half an hour of battling rusty locks and contorting our fingers at crazy angles, the birthday girl finally sealed the deal with a resounding and satisfying click! :D

Proudly locked on the gate!

Victorious photo with our painful fingers

Depositing the key into the box

We wandered into the shopping area and there were quite a bit of pretty souvenirs! Bought superfluous things like magnets, postcards and a pocket mirror LOL.

Japan’s Sky Tree towers above them all at 634m! Pun intended.

We then went for dinner at the top of N Seoul Tower, but I’ll write about it in a separate post (post is here!)

When we eventually headed out again, guess what???


Truth be told, it’s actually not very pretty. Just a tall, skinny tower lor. Lol. Not iconic like say, Tokyo Tower or Eiffel Tower, with a distinctive structure and pretty illumination.

Case in point

City lights are pretty though!

Running Man filmed at that structure behind before!

The quality of the photos are a bit icky, but we solo-ed on this trip with the iPhone (a first!) My camera is too bloody old and useless, so… pffft.

Leaving you with a (not too low-res-looking) photo, mostly because I rather like how I edited the colors on this one, hehe ^o^

This is a structure on the locks deck:

For other Seoul posts, check out the master post!

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