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How 12 days flew by…

28 April 2014

It really doesn’t feel like 12 days since my last post! (feels more like 3…)

Quite a few things have happened in the last 2 weeks!

Kanagawa Girls

Met up with them and had an extremely enjoyable night!

No, they’re not some new girl band like AKB48, Momoiro Clover Z or what have you.


My good friend and her daughter!

They live in Kanagawa (and I visited them there), so they’re the Kanagawa Girls LOL :D

This photo is also quite funny because Mumu chose to slice off her own forehead because she claims her hair is in a frizzy mess LOL.

We first had a mini catchup over some lovely tea…

before heading to the childcare to pick Nivi up!

This is called an “Odekake Cart” and is used to bring transport the little ones in when the teachers bring them out for their walk!

They’re still too young to walk on their own over long distances, so they place them in this giant trolley-pram thing and push them in it. Hahaha, so cute right?! I never knew there was such a thing!

You can see Nivi gripping the bars and holding on for dear life because that’s what they teach them to do! She looks super confused at why she’s placed in the cart by herself, but still manages to oblige us with a Japanese “V” sign :D

Later at the restaurant, (when she’s less confuzzled) she gives us a more enthusiastic V!

Whenever she’s at this restaurant, she likes to pretend the mini platform is her stage and she danced super happily there hahaha! ^o^

After that, went over to their house and learned more about Anpan man than I ever need to know in my life and learned many children’s songs including the Japanese Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

It’s my first time hearing the lyrics!

After that, I played some of the K-pop songs that I learned dances of and Nivi was dancing happily with me hehe.

Amidst all these, Mumu and I still managed to hold a conversation, so it was a pretty productive night!

Would love to do it again soon, but Kanagawa Girls are now Singapore Girls, so will have to wait till they return.


My Favorite Guy

Apart from spending time with K.G., I also hanged out with my favoritest guy in the whole world!

Ya, Fu la. Aboden who? Lol.

This was during sunset at Odaiba and the sky was a gradient of soft pastels and very pretty, but lousy phone couldn’t capture it :C

When night fell, we went to our part-time job as FlashAir models:


But I’m obviously kidding. You see Fu like that, how to be model. Haven’t even got the basics of angling down! Photographer kept telling him to tilt his chin downwards and this is the best he can manage pffft. Me? I’m a natural. *flips hair back dramatically*

Toshiba was having an event whereby you can select 1 of 3 designs (heart, star, rainbow) to be displayed on the iconic Fuji TV Building, have a picture taken with it, and the staff will use FlashAir to send the photos wirelessly from the DSLR to your smartphone.

We picked the heart! We were quite excited because like wah, can control the lights of such a huge building so far away! But in the end they called everyone else who picked the heart shape to the front to take photos, before changing to the star shape, taking photos of everyone who picked that shape, etc.

Cheh. Not change on the spot specially for you. Got cheated T_T

But well, it was still pretty interesting advertising, heh.

We also had some pretty good drinks over the 2 weekends!

Matcha Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino

This frappe was so good we had it the next day as well!

I love my caramel chocolate and he, his chocolate au lait. But not each other’s.
Guess we really know our own tastes well! Haha.


 Our First Baseball Game

Yes!!! After living in Japan for so long, we’ve finally gone to see a live game of Japan’s national sport!

Jumping right into the action and giving you a picture of the pitcher mid-throw!

During intermission

With our free inflatable cheering tubes

So many food stalls inside the stadium!

Hmmm, the baseball game was not really what I expected.

It was quite chaotic, or perhaps you can call it lively. People were walking around all the time, lots of girls in uniforms carrying snacks/beer/drinks/popcorn and hawking them all through the game, people calling out to them, transactions taking place, people coming in late, etc.

For some reason I thought it’d be like a movie. Enter before the show starts, sit down, watch everything and then leave at the end. The only difference is you get to make a bit of noise when the team you’re rooting for scores. Haha.

However, baseball isn’t the most exciting game to watch, because 99% of the time, you cannot even tell what’s going on in the game. It’s just too bloody small and far to see anything! And anyway, unless we’re watching it on telly and know exactly where the strike zone is, usually, the umpire is the only one in the know lor. The rest of us lesser humans have to just wait for his ruling. :G

End up we spend more time looking at the scoreboard more than at the tiny humans on the field.

So… first and last time!

I’m still glad I got to go watch it at least once though! :D


Japanese lessons

YAY! Japanese classes started about 2 weeks back, and I’ve been to 4 lessons so far! It’s really quite interesting, because I still learn new things about the language and culture!

I also made my first few friends in Japan that are not affiliated to Fu. Lol. Usually my friends are all his friends/colleagues and their girlfriends/wives.

I had tea at one friend’s place after class, since she lived literally less than 10 mins walk away, heh.

Btw, those are not prawn crackers you see. They’re a Japanese snack called Karinto. It comes in a variety of flavors (milk, brown sugar, yuzu, sakura, etc etc). This was one was a bit ginger-y, and although I don’t like ginger, it was still delicious!

The remaining time was spent on the same old stuff. Y’know. In case you’re new around here or senile, please read this post.

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