Queen of Bishi Bashi

25 June 2014

For those unacquainted with Bishi Bashi, it’s a dexterity and reflex arcade game:

Each player controls 3 buttons and competes against 2 other players. The way to emerge winner is to finish the tasks on the screen faster than your opponents, which often results in crazy bashing of the buttons (thus the name of the game).

To date, nobody has managed to beat me yet. Fu comes the closest, but still unsuccessful

Therefore, I hereby claim the title of Bishi Bashi Queen. :D :D

I welcome any worthy opponents to come forth to challenge me. Or unworthy also can. I’m not too fussy as long as I get to play.

However, I digress. The title is not to talk about the game (even though I did…) but to talk about my day!

I went through my day like a true Bishi Bashi champ! I accomplished so much today that I felt I’d better write it down so that I can look at it again on less-than-motivated days which will hopefully kick me into action.

Here goes! *takes deep breath*

  • 5am: Woke up to watch Japan crushed by Colombia in the World Cup
    Like Okazaki said in the post-match interview,「自分たちの力不足、それ以上でも以下でもない」“It’s simply that we weren’t strong enough. Nothing more, nothing less.” I feel sorry for him that he had to suffer a bleeding nose while the referee did nothing though.
  • Edited Fu’s blog post
  • Did laundry
  • Cleaned fridge, microwave, oven, stove
  • Vacuumed entire house
  • Mopped and then scrubbed floor
  • Surfed K-pop MVs on YouTube heh
  • Chatted with friends throughout the day on Hangouts and played with all the cute stickers
  • Cooked lunch
  • Played game (anyone playing Brave Frontier?)
  • Watched 1 episode of J-drama
  • Spent 20 mins trying to cancel my credit card
  • Mended Fu’s shirt
  • Ironed clothes
    GOOD LORD, I ABHOR IRONING. 1.5 hours felt like 5 hours!!! I’d rather scrub the toilet bowl than iron clothes! When Fu heard that, he replied, “That’s a serious statement“. Well, I AM SERIOUS.
  • Worked on a secret project (to be unveiled soon) for 3 hours
  • Prepared dinner
  • Watched 1 episode of J-drama with Fu
  • 11.30pm: Now, writing this post

All in a day’s work.
Albeit today was slightly extreme…

Also, I usually sleep at, rather than wake up at 5am haha.

Oh crap, head to bed soon. Might be waking up early again for the France match tomorrow.

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