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Multiple blogs or all together?

27 June 2014

This has been on my mind on and off since I first started the blog, but in recent days, it made a reappearance and refused to go away since.

The following quote from Inception phrases it best:

What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intenstinal worm?
An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to irradiate.

I’ve somehow gotten into my head the idea that I may need another blog.

I’m actually quite frustrated thinking about it and feel like I need to diffuse some frustration through writing. I’ve already expelled some of it by discussing with Fu, but since I didn’t reach any conclusive decision, hence this post.

I have very varying interests, and my initial thought was just to keep everything on one blog because I probably might not even have enough motivation to keep writing on a single blog, much less multiple blogs.

That worked quite ok so far, but lately, I’ve become more interested in writing about 2 main topics: personal experiences (places I’ve been to, etc) and beauty (reviews, etc).

However, I’ve actually refrained from writing about beauty lately because with my recent posts all centered around the first topic, I thought people might not be interested about reading about beauty.

Every time someone new adds or follows me, my first thought is “Why did they follow me?” Do they like reading about Japan? Like reading beauty-related stuff? Like reading about the random things I talk about? Like reading… my writing??? Then if I write about stuff they didn’t follow to read about, will they stop reading the blog altogether?

Happy for having readers, but stressed at the same time T_T And it’s not like I even have that many readers. So it feels like I’m making a mountain out of a molehill FML.

(Buuuuut, my brain is held hostage and I have no choice but to tackle the issue, so let’s just assume that my concerns are justified.)

This was why I thought of creating a separate blog for beauty-related posts, so that people (especially friends) who are interested in my life don’t have to read about random beauty shizz and vice versa. Each blog will be more focused and has a higher probability of reaching the intended audience.

But on the other hand, having to manage 2 blogs is definitely more time-consuming to maintain, and I’ll have to build the other blog from scratch. Also, my interest levels in things waxes and wanes very unpredictably, and I’m not fully sure how long can I keep up that other blog.

I even turned to Google for help =_=
“Separate blogs for different topics?”
“Need for multiple blogs?”
“When to separate blogs from each other”

I googled them all. True story.

But there are strong proponents for both sides.

This is one post that really resonates with me. Especially this point “I felt guilty about the variety of topics.” Absolutely SPOT ON! In my case, I feel guilty and end up not writing about it. I’m also wary of this: “Some readers became disillusioned with the blog… and gave up coming.”

But some points in this post made sense too (I said some because this post is actually more for book authors). This is quite true… “People have diverse interests and we shouldn’t assume they won’t be interested in more than one thing.” and this sentence made me laugh “ONE BLOG. Under your name. If you change subjects our brains will NOT explode.”

Arrghhhhhh. So confused! I’m still undecided!

Can you help me? WHY are you even reading this blog? (lol it sounds retarded asking it this way) Would you drop this blog faster than a hot potato if I posted about stuff that you’re not interested in?

Gahhh! This stupid idea gripping my brain will be the death of me! D:

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