The day I cosplayed as Minnie Mouse

7 July 2014

Say wha’?

Yep. You read that right.

Me. Minnie Mouse cosplay.

Honestly, I never thought I’d ever cosplay a Disney character, but you know how it goes… Never say never!

While waiting for the train

Again, you read it right.

I wore it out to public! :D

WHAT? Minnie Mouse can’t take public transport?

Haha, it was partly a test to see if Tokyoites are as impervious to strange/funky/outrageous appearances as they are rumored to be.

The answer to that is… YES IT’S TRUE! No one even gave a second glance! I love how they are so accepting! Lol. Or could it be they didn’t even realize I was in costume…? Surely not?

Just to set the record straight, I’m not going through some life crisis, nor am I going a little conky up there.

I did it all for…

…this little princess!

It’s her 2nd birthday and the theme is Mickey & Minnie Mouse! Notice how everyone in the background is decked out in different hues of red and donning mouse ears? ^o^

Looking stressed because of the wall of people around her, with their attention and cameras all trained on her

Despite her initial stress, she still performed splendidly and blew out the candle plus cut the cake!

Oh yes, there’s this hilarious incident that happened to Fu at the party.

One of the little guests (about 2 years old?) suddenly walked by, grabbed Fu’s hand, and dragged him all the way to the TV.

Fu looked at me with the :? :? face but he just followed along anyway.

Even had time to pose for a picture

We think that the boy thought the TV was an iPad/iPhone because he was poking at the screen and trying to drag the balloons.

At some point, the boy turned sideways to glance at the owner of the hand he was holding.

Then he turned back to face the TV.

Within a few seconds, he very calmly released his vice-like grip on Fu’s fingers and quietly walked away in an extremely composed manner. Without any change in expression.

As he neared his mother (whose hand he thought he was holding), his composure broke down as he ran into her arms and buried his face.

After soothing pats from his mother, he lifted his head to peek at Fu.


Little boy, why you sho cute?!!! But I think he learned what “paiseh” and shock meant that day :D

For the little princess’ present, I got her this!

This is priceless. You just don’t see it yet.

With my talented hands (and 8 hours of hard work), I turned it into…

An Anpaman bolster! Her favorite character!

Please pay extra attention to the careful stitches. I sewed down everything by hand so that it’s safe for a toddler to handle!

No need to hold back the applause.

The happiest moment was when the birthday princess spotted the bolster, hugged it tightly and ran around the house happily with it!

Makes it all worth it! ♥︎

Kawaii pose with her new toy

This bolster is an upgrade to the bolster I first bought her on the day I visited her in the hospital 2 years ago!

Free lifetime upgrade and repair of bolsters

The reason why I went so far and spent so much time and effort on the present and costume is because the birthday princess is the daughter of a very dear friend! (in fact, I think my only friend in Japan) Oh good lord. Have I really known her for 13 years now?! :O

Of course, it was also super fun – both the costume and making the present :)

Happy birthday Nivi! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

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