Last 3 nights in Austin

30 October 2014

After tonight, we have just two more nights in Austin! We’re flying out on the morning right after Halloween. Pretty excited to see how Halloween is like in America!

I started packing yesterday and have mostly packed up everything today, minus whatever essentials we need to get us through the remaining days.

Drawers full of stuff to pack away… and this is only half of what we have!

I thought I might have a problem with fitting everything into our 2 luggages, but it seems my plan of bringing minimal things here worked! Or I didn’t shop that much. Although Fu would disagree with the latter haha!

This is ALL the clothes I brought to Austin LOL

It feels like time went by quickly, yet not.

I have about a billion backlogged posts to write, but I’m totally beyond that guilt now. Right now, I’m just obsessed with looking at houses. I can do it for the entire day! That’s literally all I did today at the computer. Besides writing this post, smart ass.

I really wanna look at some houses when we go back to Japan, before I fly to Singapore 2 weeks later -_-


I don’t even have any time or energy to document as quickly as I travel -_- Most of all, I’m so tired of being away from home. By home, I mean our home in Japan. Singapore is not really “home” now. Not as much as Japan’s is, anyway.  I’m really not looking forward to staying so long in Singapore. ONE MONTH! I might actually go crazy during that time. Stay tuned.

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