Osaka Castle 大阪城

25 April 2015

Even though we have been to Osaka several times, we have never visited Osaka Castle because Fu always says things like “What’s there to see? It’s just a building.”


hahBut this time I absolutely wanted to visit Osaka Castle, so don’t care! We’re going!

In Osaka Castle, you can rent a companion audio guide kit from the ground floor. It comes in various languages, and very handy for getting more information about the exhibits! Best of all, it’s free! :D

Btw, the photo is un-posed for! I was surprised to find it on my camera actually. This is also proof that Fu was bored because he almost never takes photos unless I ask him to -_-

Hmm… maybe I should bring him to more places that he finds boring so that he will be more active in taking photos…?


View from the top level

The Kinshachi makes its appearance again! (previously on Nagoya Castle as well)

Osaka Castle gives off a feeling of greater grandeur compared to Nagoya Castle. It’s also a lot larger. The surrounding castle grounds are many times bigger, and they even have twice the protection with two moats surrounding the castle!

On the way down, we came across something interesting:

These are replicas of the actual helmets worn by famous commanders and leaders. Yes, including that black peacock-looking one!


We had to try it!!! Heh.

We could pick whichever helmet we wanted. Guess who picked what?

Did you guess correctly?

Fu’s black peacock-like helmet design was worn by the famous leader, Ieyasu Tokugawa, whereas mine was worn by the extremely skilled samurai, Sanada Yukimura.

The staff who took the photo for us was hilarious. He started off standing quite a distance away from us, but with every shot he took, he did manual zoom (meaning he took a step towards us) until he was standing right in front of our faces.

Let me show you what I mean:

Start position


Slightly closer…

I did not crop the photo. He really manual-zoomed this close to us.

You can see I was trying so hard to control my laughter lol.

And at least this time the photographer didn’t tell Fu to get out of the photo LOL (Nagoya Castle joke. If you read the post, you’d understand lol)

Fu’s helmet (or rather, Tokugawa Ieyasu’s lol) was very heavy and he could not even move his head while he had it on hahaha.

It’s a bit silly, but it was fun!

Osaka Castle is spacious and grand, but if I had to describe it in two words, it would be: super suay.

The castle has been destroyed and rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt so many times! Once, it was destroyed because it was struck by lightning! This castle is really damn unlucky.

But I guess having others attack you is also a sign of significance, huh? Such is true of life too. #suddenlyphilosophical


♜ Visited on 27 March 2015


Official website (English)
Hours and fee

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