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Nagoya Itinerary

10 April 2015

As part of the recent birthday trip to Kansai, we stopped by Nagoya and spent a day there. It was my first time there and I was quite excited about visiting!

Fun fact: Aichi prefecture (which Nagoya is in) used to be called Owari, which is the main area of focus in the drama that I just finished and loved, which made me extra excited about Nagoya hehe.

Although we only spent a short day there, we visited several interesting places!

This is our Nagoya itinerary; links to individual posts will be added as the posts are written!

8am: Left house. Due to arrive in Nagoya at 12pm

3pm: Arrived in Nagoya 3 hours late due to massive traffic congestion in Tokyo >_>


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First stop was the most famous landmark in Nagoya: Nagoya Castle!

Decided to quickly go before it closed; thankfully we made it and finished seeing the whole castle. We finished just as the castle was closing!


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We endured our hunger pangs for Nagoya Castle, but were so glad to fill our starving tummies with Nagoya’s famous food: Hitsumabushi, or barbecued eel over a bowl of rice.

One word: Delicious!


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Popped by to see one of the biggest shopping areas in Nagoya.

PRO TIP: Avoid coming on Wednesdays (like we did!) as many shops have their day off on Wednesdays.


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This place is beautiful! It’s one of our favorite places on this trip!

And yes, I took the photo. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s beautifully taken! ;D


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I chose to stay in rather unique places on this road trip, and this capsule hotel is one of them!

I actually enjoy it more than I expected. A lot more than expected!

In fact, I would be more than happy to stay there again!

ps: geh. crappy photo quality compared to the others above cause I had to stealthily take it using my iPhone as the hotel doesn’t allow photos. Shhh.

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