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Silver Week in Japan

27 September 2015

I’ve been a little MIA because the past week, Japan was celebrating Silver Week. What is Silver Week? Similar to Golden Week in May, it is a weekend followed by three consecutive days of public holidays.

  • Respect for the Aged Day, third Monday of September
  • Autumnal Equinox Day, September 23 (Wednesday)

Tuesday was originally not a public holiday, but Japanese law stipulates that if there is only one non-holiday between two public holidays, that non-holiday automatically becomes a public holiday!!! Called “Citizens’ Holiday“. Awesome or what? ;D

On top of these 5 days of holidays, Fu took leave for Thursday and Friday as well, making it for a total of 9 consecutive days of holidays for him!

The best part is these 2 days were summer holidays given by the company! Most Japanese companies give their employees a couple of days off during summer; some companies stipulate when the days off are, whereas others like Fu’s company allows them the freedom to pick the days they want off. Apart from summer holidays, they also get winter holidays!

A few exciting things happened this Silver Week holiday!

Third year anniversary!

Yup, we celebrated our third year wedding anniversary!

First, we went to Umihotaru and finally got to see blue skies, unlike our previous visit.

Then, we headed to Mother Farm in Chiba prefecture!

I’ll probably write a post about Mother Farm in future! [edit: post is here!]


And then, the biggest change to our lives – the addition of…

Our new family member!

She is so tiny and utterly precious!!! I could launch into crazy squee mode and gush non-stop about how cute and how adorable and how silly and how crazy she is, but I’ll spare you that today ;)

Apart from that, we’ve just been busy with taking care of her and fitting her into our lives. We work together to feed her meals, play with her, groom her, clean her poop, train her (agreeing on what to do, the exact words to use, etc).

It then occurred to me that this might be one of the reasons why people have babies. As the couple works together towards a common goal: to care for and raise the child, worry together (why is crying? is it sick? is it full? is the poop the right texture and color?), overcome difficulties together (because any relationship needs trying times to grow stronger) and through the tears and the joy, they realize “Hey, look what we did together! How far we’ve come! We’re parents! WE’RE A TEAM!!!” Which in turn unites them and strengthens their bond and love for each other.

Either that or they realize they can’t work together and their relationship is forever changed, I suppose… lol.

Anyway, that was enough rambling. I gotta go get back to business: To look at the cutie in her pen behind me :)

Last photo!

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