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Holiday Announcement

18 December 2015

The sister is on her annual pilgrimage to Japan and as you may already have noticed, posts are, and will continue to be delayed partly due to holiday festivities, but more due to me playing host, translator, navigator, tour guide, sister, and mother to her.

Some form of update is still ongoing on instagram (or so I try!) so head there if you’re in cold turkey and in need of some relief.

I will try and squeeze in a post as soon as I can make time, but judging from my track record, it’s unlikely that I can do so before she leaves (Christmas eve, if anyone wants to countdown the days).

The good news is I went and saw so many places and did so many things the past week! And it reminds me that I still love Japan as much as ever, if not more :)

In parting, here is a picture of happiness:


Delicious mug of butterbeer in Hog’s Head located in Hogsmeade!!! If this isn’t happiness for a Harry Potter fan (that’s me, by the way), I don’t know what is.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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