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10 April 2016

In Japan, spring marks the start of new beginnings. The first day of work for fresh graduates, the first day of the new school term, the first blooms after the winter… they all begin in April.

I wasn’t particularly thinking “Ok, let me do something new too in April!”, but somehow it just happened that way.

I… started a new job!

Just part-time, and just for fun, I started teaching again. Fu keeps asking me, “Do you like it? Do you REALLY like it? If you don’t, just quit!” lol.

I enjoy teaching actually, otherwise I wouldn’t do it again, especially now that I have the freedom of choice. The good thing about this school is that it is a small, cozy school and so far all my students are private lessons (one-on-one) and all are pretty nice! I’m extremely thankful I don’t have difficult students haha. I just finished my first week, and so far so good :)

Another thing I’ve been busy with is… my sewing machine!

I made this for a friend’s birthday, and did everything from scratch including hand-stamping her name on the leather piece! I’m still new to sewing and it took a lot longer than it should, and if you examined it closely, you can see mistakes (like the left part is narrower than the right). But Fu was all “Like that then she knows you really handmade it yourself mah!” Can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not lol.

But it’s ok! I know I’m slowly improving. The more I do it, the better I can do it! FIGHTING! *cheers self on for no reason at all*

I also made a cute little piece for Milk Tea:


I think she appreciated my efforts because after I put this on, she sat there obediently and let me take all the photos I wanted!!! She’s usually extremely hyper, so I was very surprised (but obviously not so surprised that I forgot to snap about a thousand pictures of her, heh).

Apart from that, the other things that takes up my time are Korean classes, anime, spending too much time being distracted and reading random things on the net, designing my imaginary bigger house, researching on how I can calm Milk Tea down more, thinking about the posts I want to write and drafting it in my mind, but not actually writing it… you know, the usual. Hahaha.

Ok, that’s it for today. Mainly here just to put it out there that I now have a legit reason when I skive off blogging! Bahahaha! KIDDING LAH. I love my blog muchly and deeply. Sometimes so deep it gets lost amidst other things, but still… XD

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