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A summer day out

10 August 2016

Hiiii! It’s been a while *darts eyes* but we’re all well and happy here! In fact, too well which is why I haven’t been writing, heh.

But come now. Let’s not dwell on the past and enjoy the present! <– I tell myself that all the time which is why no updates on the blog ahahahaha!

Fu and I went to town this past weekend, which is something of a rarity since we don’t like the crazy crowds on weekends.

But we went there because we had a paid survey to do! There’s this survey looking for food testers and interestingly one of the nationalities they were looking for was Singaporeans so that’s how we ended up taking part.

I can’t go into detail, but it was all very interesting! We each had a cubicle seat and were given three different plates of samples and answered questions about them on the tablet provided. Like what I prioritise when buying such a product, ranking the taste in order, etc. I wrote so much the error box came up when I tried to submit it, and the staff had to manually process my review separately hahaha. They pay me for my thoughts and review, I give them their money’s worth! I’m fair like that. *nods*

We were paid 6,500 yen each for 30 mins of “work”, but really it’s more like a eating and drinking session haha. Plus we also got to go on a date the rest of the day so it’s a double win!

After some fail 치맥 chimek (Korean for fried chicken and beer; although it’s chiwa for us since we had fried chicken and water lol), Fu was intrigued by this “casual whitening” shop and decided to try it!

There was a 50% promotion and costs just 500 yen! Mostly because it’s entirely self-service. But the staff gives a thorough explanation and demonstration, and there is also a video to guide you through while you do it.

The shop is full of these little cubicle seats and you sit there with your little blue palette of whitening ingredients and scrub away at your teeth.

It’s novel and interesting, but we won’t be going back because we took before and after photos and his teeth didn’t even look any different. Not a smidgen! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Later that night was one of the highlights of the summer season: 花火大会 fireworks festival!!! [see other things to do in summer here]

I wanted to wear a yukata, but didn’t have time to go look for one, so yukata-less again this year :(

On the way to the viewing area. Crazy crowds!

Waiting for the fireworks to start

1.5 hours of blossoming flowers in the sky :D

The other main highlight of festivals is the food stalls!!!

Queuing for grilled meat skewers

And my favorite wataame (cotton candy) stall!

Every time I see cotton candy, I want to buy them. Then I see the price, and it’s like “Ok, actually maybe I don’t want them that much…” (although I actually do lol) I didn’t buy it at my first matsuri (festival), nor the subsequent years after that. This is the first time, ever EVER, that I bought cotton candy at a matsuri!

Fu was like “Omg, your boyfriend so stingy! 600 yen also don’t buy for you?!!” Yeah lor, boyfriend-turned-husband. Lol.

A selfie is obviously in order. I waited 7 years for this bag of cotton candy! lol

Everyone with their food! My cotton candy costs as much as his grilled meat haha

Omg, I think I’m gonna go blind from looking at the horrendous quality of these photos. Sorry guys. But lousy quality posted is better than perfect quality not posted, right? :D

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