Torikaku Restaurant, Tokyo

9 March 2015

Sometimes, the best finds are those that you come across by sheer coincidence.

One such chance encounter is this lovely place called とりかくTorikaku that Fu & I randomly picked out of all the restaurants available to our rumbling stomachs one fine afternoon.

At Torikaku’s Shinjuku branch

“Tori” literally means bird, but when used in the context of food, it refers to chicken. Fu and I love chicken the best out of all the kinds of meat available, and this restaurant is perfect for us as the dishes all revolve around the use of chicken as the main ingredient!

Many restaurants offer lunch-only specials at affordable prices and Torikaku is no exception.

Lunch specials

The nice thing about the restaurant is that prices are already inclusive of tax! Due to impending tax hike from the current 8% to 10%, many places simply display prices before tax is included to save the trouble of having to reprint it later.

We also had to order and pay before we were shown to our seats, which is a rarity in non-fast food places in Japan.

Another thing we didn’t expect was that despite the price, the interior of the restaurant was really classy and we even got a private room to ourselves! In fact, the restaurant is only made up of private rooms (complete with sliding door) and has no open seating at all!

Our private room!

My チキン南蛮サラダ定食 Chicken Nanban Salad Set

No picture of Fu’s 親子丼 Oyako-don because he dug into it before I could even take out the camera. But his Oyako-don was really delicious! At that moment, I thought, “Ahhh, this beats the budget Oyako-don hands down!”

The budget Oyako-don is titled “My Favorite Oyako-don” and I think I might have to rename it now. Lol. But ok la, it costs almost 2/3 lesser than Torikaku, so it still wins on cost-effectiveness, even if Torikaku’s Oyako-don wins on deliciousness!

My own Chicken Nanban set was also delicious! The tartar-like sauce thing on top has pieces of egg in it, which I really like :3 The portion was a little too large for me and I finished only half the rice, but stuffed down the chicken and salad heh.

This was really a pleasant find and a place we would love to return to! Highly recommended!

Good food.
Good price.
Good ambience.
What more could one ask for?! The only reason why anyone wouldn’t like this place is if they hated chicken lol.

Note: It seems the dinner menu is quite different from the lunch menu, so I can only speak for the lunch menu (until I try the dinner menu).


Torikaku Restaurant とりかく

Website (Japanese)
List of branches (Google-translated)

We visited the Shinjuku branch:


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