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Autumn Snow

25 November 2016

Yesterday, I woke up to the postman ringing the bell and Milk Tea barking her head off at the sound -__-||

When I opened the door, the wind was all “WHOOOSSSHHHHHH” and the snow being thrown around in a crazy dance in the strong wind. I felt so bad for the postman, having to work in such weather >_< I asked him if he was ok and he chirpily replied “I’m ok!” He’s probably lying, but I felt less bad after that haha.

Sorry, but Milk Tea needs her snacks

By the way, did you guys know? Amazon is starting operations in Singapore next year! Good news for people in Singapore!

Ok, now to move on to the title of the post. Yes, we saw the first snow of the season yesterday! Which is really freaking early because IT’S STILL AUTUMN!!!

The news outlets are all over it and reporting that it’s the first time Tokyo is seeing snow in November in 54 years.

Which is understandable, because this kind of weather:

DOES NOT happen in autumn!

Man, is the world is ending soon or what?

Anyway, before it ends, I thought to bring Milk Tea to see her first snow and see how she reacts to it!

We bundle up and prepare to head out. That’s heat tech, a long sleeved thick top, a thick hoodie, and a thick jacket for me.

One more photo, because she's totally acting like a little baby here!

One more photo, because she’s totally acting like a little baby here and so cuutteee ♥︎

AND THE GRAND REVEAL. Milk Tea’s reaction to seeing snow for the first time:


Dunno is cause she never see it or what o_O Oh well, I should be thankful that at least she isn’t freaked out by it, since she’s such a scaredy cat.

See what I mean by it’s still autumn?

But it’s also a special day since we got to see two seasons together! :)

After the less-than-10-minutes adventure outside, we went home and Milk Tea basically spent the rest of the day doing this:


For me, I spent most of the day camping in front of my heater hahaha.

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