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Life in Japan

Life in Japan

February Life

Since I did a roundup in January, I quite liked the idea and wanted to do it every month. Sort of like a monthly summary series :) I totally meant to write this post earlier, but I was kept away by happenings in #MarchLife, which…

10 March 2017
Everyday Adventures Gadget

How To Remove Fuzz Balls Effortlessly!

Don’t you have at least an article of clothing or two with those dreaded little balls clinging on and being an eyesore? The sweater Milk Tea is wearing has lots of fuzz balls (also known as lint balls or piling) on it and it’s…

2 February 2017
Life in Japan

Happy bottoms

If you’ve been to Japan, you’d have experienced the bliss that is the washlet. A warm, welcoming toilet seat during the frigid cold winter… clean buttocks after every use… Fu has been wanting to get one since the first time he sat on one…

5 January 2017
Everyday Adventures

Autumn Snow

Yesterday, I woke up to the postman ringing the bell and Milk Tea barking her head off at the sound -__-|| When I opened the door, the wind was all “WHOOOSSSHHHHHH” and the snow being thrown around in a crazy dance in the strong wind. I felt so…

25 November 2016
Life in Japan


This morning, we were awoken by Milk Tea’s barking. Then we realized she was barking because the sliding door was rattling due to the earthquake that was shaking the entire building. I picked her up and held her to calm her down, all the while…

22 November 2016
DIY Life in Japan

Six weeks later

In the 6 weeks (eeps!) that I was missing from the blog, lots have happened! We moved house, there was Silver Week, our wedding anniversary, and Milk Tea’s one year anniversary with us! But we went absolutely NO WHERE for all those days because of typhoon weather.…

16 October 2016
Life in Japan

Two weeks

In two weeks… two weeks… and my dream will come true. I’ve been waiting for almost a year for it. We are finally… … … … … … … MOVING!!! Yes, again. This is house #7 in Japan hahahaha. This time is probably the…

2 September 2016