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Niagara Falls

Google photos notified me that this time last year, we were in Canada. And I realized… for a trip that I was so excited about, I haven’t even written about it even a year later… *hangs head in shame* I wrote out our trip’s itinerary and our…

13 October 2015

Happy Halloweenify!

Saw this feature in Google photos and randomly picked a photo to try it out on. Not bad for 2 clicks worth of work, eh? Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s 2am now and I’m psyched to find out later how America celebrates Halloween! If the…

31 October 2014
Personal USA

Devil of the skies

No, not me. I wasn’t the devil. I encountered the devil. Over the weekend, I met with a harrowing incident. I should count myself so lucky to escape with just trauma to the head that (so far) appears to bring nothing more than intermittent…

28 October 2014
Personal USA

They say, we say

I never really consciously thought about how different American and British English Singlish (likely the form most dominant in my system lol) was until I came to the US. Here are a few examples I recall off the top of my head from our…

24 October 2014

Prepaid SIM Card in Canada for Tourists

After I book my air tickets to a new country, the first thing I search for is neither hotels nor attractions to visit. It’s how to get internet connectivity. Because with that, I can do almost anything, including booking a hotel or looking up…

16 October 2014

Bruce Peninsula National Park

First video of our Canada trip is up! Gahhh, I spent an AGE editing this! Had to experiment with different programs, get used to how they work and what not. Hopefully future videos won’t take as long! Many thanks to CW who so kindly…

15 October 2014