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Ryokan Kono-yu in Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto

When we decided on going to Kurokawa Onsen, an onsen town located in Kumamoto, we were overwhelmed with the choices of ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) available. There were almost 30 ryokans, each one attractive in their own way. How were we to choose just one?!…

4 June 2016

Where to Stay in Fukuoka: First Cabin

Have you ever flown first class? I haven’t, but I got to have a taste of it recently, at a… hotel. We were trying to decide on where to stay in Fukuoka, and I saw that there was an airline-themed hotel! How could we pass…

8 March 2016

Inside a Love Hotel

If there is any time I’d talk about sex toys, racy bedroom costumes, porn, hotels and secrecy… this is it. All in this single post. I have always been curious about love hotels in Japan so I decided we should stay at one on our trip…

24 July 2015

Where to Stay in Nagoya: Capsule Hotel

What do you think of when you hear “capsule hotel”? For me, things like “coffin-like”, “claustrophobic”, “hole in the wall” and “unsafe” spring to mind. (surely I’m not the only one…?) That said, I’ve still always wanted to try staying in one for the experience, hehe.…

17 April 2015
Accommodation Budget

Budget Accommodation in Tokyo

Whenever friends come to Japan on a holiday, they always ask us the standard few questions: Where to stay? (preferably cheap and good ;)) How to travel? Must-go places? So this post is to tackle the first question. Here are a few recommendations here…

5 March 2013