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24 Hours in Fukuoka

I’ve always wanted to visit Fukuoka (ok fine, I say that for almost every place in Japan) and glad to have finally visited it on our recent Kyushu trip! (yes yes, also something I say that all the time, but it’s true!) As the title…

27 February 2016
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Our 2-Day Kyoto Itinerary

My sister was visiting last December and we wanted to go Osaka for USJ, because, Hogwarts!!! (see here for my previous trip to USJ with the hubs) Although it was a short trip, I thought that since we were traveling all the way there, I tried…

1 February 2016
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Guide: Buy USJ Tickets Online

I just visited Universal Studios Japan in Osaka (yes, again) with my sister a couple of weeks back, and as before, I bought the studio passes ahead of time. I always feel sad for the people I see queuing at the park to buy…

11 January 2016

Third Anniversary at Umihotaru and Mother Farm in Chiba

Every year, we celebrate our wedding anniversary by doing something related to water (1st | 2nd). For our 3rd anniversary this year, we took the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line with a stopover at Umihotaru (lit. sea firefly). You might have also seen these on my instagram,…

3 December 2015
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Yanaka – Exploring Tokyo’s Shitamachi

Despite living in Japan for a few years now, there are still many places in Tokyo I have not heard of, much less visited. One such place is 谷中 Yanaka, a town, I was told, that still preserves the atmosphere and charm from decades ago. Yanaka…

25 November 2015
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Misaki Maguro Kippu (Misaki Tuna Ticket)

Shu was in town recently and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Misaki on a little tuna tour, and obviously I said yes! Misaki Maguro Kippu is a special ticket bundle that comes with Train travel on the Keikyu line to…

4 October 2015