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Tsurutontan Udon Restaurant in Tokyo

A Japanese friend recently was craving udon, and she brought us to Tsurutontan (which I thought was such a cute name and so fun to say!) which is apparently a famous place that serves up good udon. I was expecting the usual traditional udon shop, but was surprised that it…

13 April 2016

Hidemi Sugino ❍ Exquisite Cakes

Last week, YY was in town, armed with an itinerary built around food. It’s a good way to travel, if you ask me! Especially in Tokyo, where there is always more food you want to eat than you have stomach space left. I almost never visit…

9 March 2016
Theme restaurant

Ojipan x Pomu no Ki Omurice Theme Restaurant

I enjoy the omurice (omelette rice) from Pomu no ki ポムの樹 and when Zhen was over, we decided to visit the branch at Harajuku because she loves omurice too. We were surprised to find that the entire store was refashioned in a collaboration with a…

27 January 2016
Attractions Food

Misaki Maguro Kippu (Misaki Tuna Ticket)

Shu was in town recently and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Misaki on a little tuna tour, and obviously I said yes! Misaki Maguro Kippu is a special ticket bundle that comes with Train travel on the Keikyu line to…

4 October 2015

Eating Kobe Beef in Kobe

This is a way overdue post from our March trip… but you know how things are! So many adventures, so little time to write about them haha! To make up for it, this weekend will be a Kobe weekend special! What do you think…

5 September 2015
Featured Food

Hidden Sushi Gem in Tsukiji Market

I was debating if I should post this, since this was a little secret sushi restaurant that Carys and I ate at in Tsukiji Market… but then I decided, heck. It’s not like my one post will cause snaking queues at this restaurant the next…

21 August 2015