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Attack on Titan Real Escape Game

THE ATTACK ON TITAN REAL ESCAPE GAME EVENT IS MAKING A RETURN TO TOKYO IN AUGUST!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG! I have been thinking of going for a Real Escape Game ever since I played the Ultimate Fort game on my trip to Fuji-Q! If you’ve never heard…

11 July 2014
Anime / Drama

The anime series I finished in a day

What I’ve been up to lately… I watched one of the best anime I’ve seen in a while! It was so intense, so compelling that I couldn’t stop watching it. I finished the entire series – all 25 episodes of it – in a…

19 February 2014
Anime / Drama

Black Butler – The Movie 黒執事映画

I love Kuroshitsuji (anime, I almost never read any manga) and when I saw a Kuroshitsuji poster when I was out, I literally stopped mid-track and let out a shriek. Fu was all concerned going, “What? What???”, which immediately turned to a cheh-face when…

18 January 2014
Anime / Drama Attractions

Opening of J-World Tokyo!

Love Dragon Ball, One Piece, or Naruto? Good news! A new attraction consisting of ALL THREE series will be opening this year in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City! I actually took this photo a while ago (in March haha) but forgot about it until earlier when…

31 May 2013