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J-World Tokyo

Almost two years after I first wrote about J-World Tokyo, I finally visited it! I waited so long because I wanted to visit it someone else so that we can キャキャーする (eh, in English, that would be… go gaga?) together inside!!! More fun to do…

9 June 2015
Anime / Drama

J-drama: Hanzawa Naoki

More than a year after airing, I finally got around to watching Hanzawa Naoki a couple of weeks ago! Hanzawa Naoki is a hugely successful J-drama that broke the ratings for the first time in 35 years, reaching 42.2% in the final episode! Even Fu’s…

14 May 2015
Anime / Drama

J-drama: Nobunaga Concerto 信長協奏曲

I recently just finished this and I have to say it’s been quite some time since I enjoyed a J-drama this much! In recent years, I find that Japanese dramas pale severely in comparison to Korean dramas. With their massive pool of talented (and good-looking!!! *heart…

12 March 2015
Anime / Drama Friday Five Personal

Top 5 Favorite Anime

Extremely busy with house-moving, but I cannot miss a Friday Five post just one week after I launched it! In this week’s Friday Five, I’m sharing my top 5 favorite anime after a suggestion from a reader! I’ve been watching anime for more than a decade,…

13 February 2015
Anime / Drama

Attack on Titan Real Escape Game

THE ATTACK ON TITAN REAL ESCAPE GAME EVENT IS MAKING A RETURN TO TOKYO IN AUGUST!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG! I have been thinking of going for a Real Escape Game ever since I played the Ultimate Fort game on my trip to Fuji-Q! If you’ve never heard…

11 July 2014
Anime / Drama

The anime series I finished in a day

What I’ve been up to lately… I watched one of the best anime I’ve seen in a while! It was so intense, so compelling that I couldn’t stop watching it. I finished the entire series – all 25 episodes of it – in a…

19 February 2014