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Go karting!

We went go karting yesterday and it was my first time trying it out! We played a total of 2 races each, each race lasting about 10 minutes, averaging about 12 laps. The coolest thing is that it’s entirely indoors! At the end of…

1 October 2014

Busy weekend in Austin

We had 2 new friends (Fu’s co-workers from Tokyo) that joined us during the week, and one more we picked up just yesterday, so it was a busy weekend going around Austin! Saturday Pho Dan Had Vietnamese food for the first time! We saw…

15 September 2014

Bat watching in Austin, TX

Austin is known as the The Live Music Capital of the World and apart from having the most music venues, there is one more thing Austin has the most of… BATS. Before I arrived, I was looking at the hotel’s local attractions guide and…

28 August 2014

Clay shooting in Austin, Texas

Last week, we went clay shooting! In case it wasn’t clear, we handled a real shotgun and shot at real flying things. (on the off chance you’re like pre-clay-shooting me who have no clear idea of what clay shooting is) This is a very…

19 August 2014

Queuing for 4 hours at Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue is a restaurant in Austin that every single person we spoke to highly recommended to us. They said it was something we HAD TO TRY, and that it’s mega awesome. I swear their eyes were shining and they were this close to…

10 August 2014