Go karting!

1 October 2014

We went go karting yesterday and it was my first time trying it out! We played a total of 2 races each, each race lasting about 10 minutes, averaging about 12 laps. The coolest thing is that it’s entirely indoors!

Yellow ninjas! I LOVE that a fresh mask is provided for each race!

Fully geared up

At the end of my first race, I could not understand what was fun about it. My foot never left the floor of the accelerator but my kart was going so slowly I could easily maneuver it with one hand, and many times, it would randomly sputter to a stop for absolutely no reason at all. Everyone else was zooming all around me and even when everyone’s cars were slowed down to a crawl by the staff, other people STILL OVERTOOK ME. What is this!

Each of us then received a printed sheet of race results and FML. My “best lap” was 45.5 seconds compared to the top record of 24.7 seconds. My longest lap was 167 seconds!!! WTH. A 3-legged turtle with arthritis crawling around the track would probably beat that time.

My suspicions bordered along having a faulty car, girls being given slower cars and the staff messing with me via remote. I went into the second race guarded and ready a kick a fuss if the same thing happened.

But homg. The entire difference was worlds apart! So THIS was what got them so hyped up! The speed, force and adrenaline rush was crazy intense, and I loved it! My best lap was just 27.3 seconds. I must have gotten a faulty car the first round, or the folks at Mercedes should really consider signing a contract with me. Ferrari is ok too. I’m not picky.

A friend brought his GoPro camera along and captured the video above! It makes me wanna get a GoPro camera too, even though I’m rubbish at filming and editing. But I already have all sorts of ideas of what I can do with it… hehe. We shall see how it goes. He was super kind to lend it to us for our Canada trip this weekend! Thank you CW! We’ll try not to drop it into the Niagara falls :D


  • Reply yy 4 October 2014 at 12:42 am

    OMG looks so fun!!! I’ve never done go-karting but I’ve always wanted to, and now even more so than ever!! That video really made me want to rush out to find myself a go-kart asap. Although I feel like I would be the person getting cut off/overtaken by the person in the video, rather than vice versa :\

    • Reply Rin 7 October 2014 at 12:49 pm

      Haha, you really should go try it out! The sheer force and power you experience as you whip around the bends is awesome! The person filming this has go kart-ed a few times, so he’s quite experienced. I learnt the trick to overtaking, as taught to me by the person who clocked the fastest lap (that’s Fu, lol) If we go go kart, I’ll teach you ;) After I beat you. Hahahaha.

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