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My laundry woes

13 June 2013

It’s tsuyu (梅雨) season now and it’s really terrible, because I haven’t been able to my laundry at all!

Look at the forecast for today and tomorrow:

5 shirts = Even bath towels will dry completely
1 shirt = You’re better off drying it indoors or using a dryer


Dismal news aside, isn’t this cute? It’s a weather website that gives an index of all the things I never imagined anyone would bother giving!


  • Attire (how to dress for the day)
  • Stargazing (probability of seeing stars. Today’s forecast says “You’re better off giving up tonight” bahahaha!)
  • Car-washing (don’t you hate it when it rains right after you’ve gone for a car wash?)
  • Taking a のど飴 throat candy (to prevent the throat from drying)

There are more I didn’t list – I only listed the more interesting ones, haha.

There are also season-specific ones! For summer, there’s what mode to tune your air conditioner to, if it’s a good day to eat ice-cream or drink beer, chance of getting heat stroke, how sweaty you’ll become…

Do Japanese think of everything or what?

The thing I love is that they can make ANYTHING cute ♥

Since we were earlier on the topic of laundry, I shall rant a bit. It’s so bloody challenging to do laundry in Japan!

Winter: Days are short and it’s too cold

Spring: Warmer, but still cold. Lots of strong winds, which = dust. I had to rewash laundry because so much dust got caught up in the clothing. It’s also Hay fever season D:

Summer: Rainy season makes clothes impossible to dry.

Autumn: Starting to get cold, plus it’s typhoon season. Similar to Spring, just without the pollen.


I grew up with the hang-clothes-out-to-dry mentality, so I’m not used to using dryers. My family never owned a dryer, and they will probably never buy one.

But now I seriously have half a mind to buy a dryer! If not for the fact I don’t have space to store it. And of course that it will drive up the electricity bills.


For now, I’m just using the washing machine to dry it for 3 hours (no heat, just wind), then hanging them indoors.

Ok, rant over.

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